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Elizabeth Scala

Elizabeth is the voice behind RNFM Radio, Your Next Shift, and the voice of reason. The keeper of tasks and the community liaison, she's got the best smile on and off the mic.

Keith Carlson

Co-founder and resident benign Jewish uncle. An art school dropout who spent his 20's floundering, more or less. Most afternoons he can be found feeding carrots to the donkeys next door; they're good listeners.

Kevin Ross

Co-founder and not so silent disruptor. Kevin is the bravado behind RNFM Radio, Innovative Nurse, and the creator of controlled chaos. He's a purveyor of rocking faces.


Marie Rittenhouse

Marketing Strategist

Keeping it social around the office water cooler and beyond, Marie leads the marketing endeavors at Pulse Media. In her spare time she loves hiking, dachshund wrangling, and the pursuit of a great burrito.


Tim Hallowell

aka "The Podcasting Guy"

Tim is head of our Post-Production team at Pulse Media Network. Believe it or not, in Tim's spare time he enjoys listening to podcasts; it's a sickness, but he's learned to live with it.



Activities Director

A ceremonial title really, Rusty thrives on helping us find our inner child, which is easier to see in those puppy brown eyes. He's got an appetite for fun, and also for the leftovers in the company fridge.


Welcome to Pulse Media Network. We are the disrupters, thinking outside of the box, and we're amplifying our voices. 

This isn't your mother's network (but seriously, love to all the moms out there). These are the shows that posses the ability to upend your thinking and to break down the linear, boxed in approach.

As a listener we want you to have an opportunity to tap into the culture here, to find something meaningful, entertaining, and even life-changing. We believe that there is no one-size fits all when it comes to who you are and what you want, and that's why we created this network.

We strive to share our lives, our experiences, and our expertise to better serve you. We hope that you find shows here that will align with your style, but also allow you to stretch your own status quo.

It's time for change, and it's time to tune in!

Happy Listening,

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